Star Wars Celebration VII goes to Anaheim in 2015

Many will have rejoiced at the news of Disney purchasing LucasFilm Ltd last October.
With rumours strongly pointing towards a Star Wars Land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios some time in the future, Star Wars fans were confident that their massively popular ‘every few years’ conference and expo would take place again in Orlando.

Imagine the silence as the Cantina Band stopped playing and Ewok jaws dropped open when the news broke that the next Star Wars Celebration event would next take place in Anaheim California!

Nobody saw that one coming!

Luckily, bitter Star Wars followers have a few years to get used to the idea as the next event won’t take place until April 16-19th 2015.
The deep bitterness and disappointment won’t be just limited to Star Wars devotees either, as the 2012 event at the Orange County Convention Center was reported to have generated over $28 million over the duration of the latest 2012 event.

Disney are much appreciated in Central Florida, but many raise concerns at the growing power that the Corporation can wield from within its board room.
Often guests are unaffected by the politics, but decisions such as this, quite often generate resentment from fans that have loyally supported their causes.
It doesn’t take much to upset the die hards, but of course, Disney know that there are many more waiting to take their places should they decide to leave the long line into the merchandise stands, theme parks and restaurants of WDW.

As for the intentions of the move from orlando to Anaheim, apparently, Lucasfilm had always apparently intended the show to move around the USA, and it seems that two events in a row, allowed Orlando to become complacent and expect more than it was likely to get perhaps?