Luxury Orlando Vacation HomesFor over half a year now, Frozen has been a huge success inside the Walt Disney World theme parks.  First appearing in November of 2013, before the movie had even released, character greets inside the Norway Pavilion created line waits in excess of 3 hours.
The immense popularity of the hit animation has undoubtedly overwhelmed Disney, who have since moved the Anna and Elsa character greets to the Princess Fairytale Hall inside the Magic Kingdom and have even increased the amount of Frozen music content in the Festival of Fantasy daily parade!

But what next for Disney”s Timeless Classic inside the parks?

We love reading Robert Niles’ theme park insider blog, and today, his latest post talked about Disneyland California’s most recent ticket price increases along with Disney’s big portfolio of intellectual property (movie rights to me and you!).
In his post, a few of his words; “a Frozen juggernaut could that drive much more than a parade float and a character meet-and-greet” made me wonder about the lengths Disney might take in order to maximise the Frozen movie’s runaway success.

My mind ran away thinking of the many possibilities that Disney must undoubtedly be pondering right now, from a few ‘stop gap’ entertainment slots, through to a new dedicated show, right up to the much rumoured new attraction at Epcot’s Norway pavilion.
But dare I even mention this?  Can Walt Disney World really bring Arendelle to life again, in its very own theme park?
No this isn’t a rumour that is floating around right now, just a fanciful idea that we simply can’t get out of our heads right now in the totalorlando Bolg team!


Expanding Frozen inside Walt Disney World

As a no brainer, with those incredible 5 hour line waits just to meet Anna & Elsa and that Frozen merchandize vanishing from stores like crazy, there’s no sign of popularity waning for the film’s success.
Right now Disney will be plotting the roll out inside the parks, constantly battling the contradictory evils of ‘brand longevity‘ versus ‘costs‘ versus ‘development time‘ versus ‘profitability‘.
At totalorlando, we are under no illusion whatsoever that right now there’s a ‘blue skies’ team looking at all of the possible dream of a fifth theme park!
Many projects like that begin, and most get archived forever, that’ is how the Disney magic works!

Will Frozen become Walt Disney World’s 5th theme park?

Ok, so this might seem outlandish, but with 42,000 acres of land, Disney never was going to be ‘just’ the Magic Kingdom.  The last park added was of course Disney’s Animal Kingdom on April 22nd 1998 and until recently, the biggest gap between new additional parks has been the 11 years in between the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.
Of course, now, it has been a whole 16 years since Animal Kingdom became the newest member of the WDW parks family, meaning that something new is long overdue.
Perhaps if the great recession hadn’t had a profound effect on board room confidence around the world, Disney may have been working away on Park #5.

There’s no saying whatsoever that Disney have the appetite for a huge project that’s the size of a new theme park, and it would be incredible to embark upon a massive project on the back of one single movie, but that is just about the only negative that we can uncover right now for Arendelle as a theme park.
Bold; yes, ticks every magical box; yes, diversity; yes, longevity; yes, crazy; no.


Possible Frozen Movie attractions for Walt Disney World:

The possible attractions are what makes Arendelle a winner, and of course that rather amazing Norwegian scenery is kind of the whole essence that Disney loves so much in the parks.

  • Character Greets with Elsa in the Ice Palace
  • Stage Shows
  • Immersive Hybrid ride through Arendelle (Escape Form Gringotts)
  • A roller coaster Bob Sleigh Ride
  • Real Snow Play area with Olaf
  • Sven Reindeer petting area
  • Nordic Streets and Harbour settings
  • Nordic boat rides
  • Real snow ski slope

While we’ve made a few suggestions about what could fit into our imaginary Arundelle theme park, we would always forgive anyone for expressing their doubt about how realistic this might actually be, but we would also offer a few thoughts that might also be buzzing around the minds of celebrated Disney imagineers right now!

Disney clearly have to do something with their hugely popular Frozen movie in the theme parks and ‘taking the easy route’ isn’t really a viable option for them.
If they play safe, they could easily ruin a very good area of a park, if Epcot’s Norway experience as a meet and greet area is anything to go by.

Being bold is certainly a likely option, but just how bold remains to be seen.
One thing’s for sure, Disney love magic, and they adore timeless stories, and that is precisely what Frozen is providing theme park guests right now.

If it all seems a little far fetched right now, we ask two very simple questions:

  1. Do you think Disney will build a new 5th theme park with a Frozen theme?
  2. Do you think Universal would have built Arendelle if they had made the Frozen movie?