VIDEO Follow this link to our Weasley preview of Diagon Alley blog post with video

We’ve just updated our post that covers the Weasley Family’s visit to Diagon Alley this week, during the build up to the official press events that are taking place over the middle of June 2014.
Although no opening date has been announced, read this great article for the latest estimates, photographs, official video and insider video of the James, Oliver and Bonnie’s visit to Universal Orlando.

From what we have seen, the detailing of the shops is just as we’ve seen in the movies and every effort has been made to create the perfect world for Harry Potter fans.
With sneak previews of the Hogwarts Express, Gringotts Bank and numerous walkways and stores, our latest video is definitely worth checking out and sharing amongst your friends!

Click here to view official and insider Video of Diagon Alley at Universal Studios!