Universal have released their new Vacation Planner to help guests make the most of a visit to their Orlando Resorts.  We take a very quick look at what it does and doesn’t do as Universal feel the heat from Disney’s MyMagic+ system that simply does everything!


What is Universal’s Vacation Planner?

Universal’s Vacation Planner really does two things.

  • It lets you select what sort of attractions your family is interested in and shows a list of suitable matches for the dates of your stay.
  • Additionally, in a few simple steps, the easy to use Wizard recommends ticketing options for your group.

The wizard doesn’t provide much to guests, but may be of some use to first time visitors to Universal that appreciate a very quick overview.
Thankfully, there is no ‘sign-in’ required to use the tool and if you see an attraction that you like, you can click on it for more detail without leaving the Universal Vacation Planner wizard.

The whole purpose of the Vacation Planner is all about buying a package or ticket bundle, which in itself isn’t too surprising, but a little more functionality would be helpful.
Little information is available about dining options for example.

More disappointingly, a number of the links (such as this Eighth Voyage of Sinbad) were broken and didn’t function at all.  The page looked like it had been hurried into service without any follow up checks.

Universal Vacation Planner Bug



Our Opinion of the Universal Vacation Planner Tool

There’s no doubt about it that Disney were caught napping by Universal’s drive in the theme parks in 2010, but Disney’s MyMagic+ system must have equally caught out Universal.  The Vacation Planner serves to show that Universal are miles away from rolling out any meaningful guest experience system within the next 5 years.
It will be interesting to see what kinds of experiences Disney’s MyMagic+ Magicbands will be providing us by then.