A New Simpsons Area arriving soon, includes new shops & rides!

Universal Springfield

Set to open some time this summer, the construction walls will come down to reveal a fun new version of ‘Springfield’ at Universal Studios Orlando!

Although the 3D Simpsons Ride will still be the headline attraction, the park will soon open up quite a bit to reveal some famous Springfield ‘landmarks’ (if a cartoon can really have any land to mark haha!)

Kang & Kodos will be joining the team too!  Not heard of them?  Well, you will recognize them more as the two, wobbly, power mad aliens that frequently hover over Springfield trying to make sense of the mad world beneath!  Their new ride sounds like a Tilt a Whirl format, just great after a bag of donuts and a Duff beer!!!

A KrustyBurger bar restaurant will be joined by ‘The Frying Dutchman’ Seafood, Luigi’s Pizza, a “Taco Fresho” with Bumblebee Man and Lard Lads Donuts.  Precise details of menu items and costs are unclear, but expect the theming to be straight out of the cartoon hit series!

Duff Gardens will also be a part of the scenery, tilting satire towards the Busch Gardens Park over at Tampa!  Moe’s Tavern looks also set to make an appearance, perhaps most likely to sell a non alcoholic ‘Duff’ beer.  The Android’s Dungeon & Baseball Card shop all look set to form the overall picture of this most popular cartoon town of all time!

As more details emerge, we will keep you posted, but hey, Universal looks set to lurch suddenly from the bottom end of the popularity league over the next two years to become one amazing theme park!

A fantastic move by Universal, coupled with the upcoming Harry Potter area; Diagon Alley, look set to make the park a huge success, and a busy one at that!  Doh!