Some big clues that the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train should be in Full Operation this Friday for the Rock Your Disney Side 24 hr event!

Disney’s latest Seven Dwarfs Mine Train teaser video will make everyone wonder whether it’s clear call in the lyrics and voiceover that there’s a definite reference to ‘Rock Your Disney Side‘ which is of course a very special and rare 24hr event that begins this Friday at the Magic Kingdom at the magical hour of 6am.

Also billed as the Rock Your Disney Side, guests with regular park admission may enter the world’s most popular theme park and not need to worry about leaving for a whole 24 hours as attractions, special music events and event food tempts what we believe will be record crowds into the ‘most magical place on earth’!
Guests can dress up as Heroes or Villains and the featuring of Maleficent (Hint: Snow White’s evil fairy that placed her into that dreadful sleep!).
The weekend event also coincides with a powerful Disney build up to the global release of the Maleficent Movie in cinemas at the end of May 2014.

With confirmed soft openings of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train during May 21st, it looks more and more likely that the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train will feature strongly in the Rock Your Disney Side Event!

Our advice is get there very early (well before 6am!) and also make use of Disney’s incentive to car pool.  They are offering vehicles with 4 or more occupants various incentives and treats to encourage a reduction in parking capacity issues.
This is going to be an amazingly popular event, so make plans for a very busy run into to Walt Disney World!


New Disney Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Video Lyrics

Hi Ho! (called from a distance)
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! (Gang chant)

Hi Ho, Hi Ho (Rap style to the classic song’s rhythm)
It’s to the mines we go,
You can’t be Grumpy on this ride,
Cos this train rocks from side to side,
Let’s Go!

It’s Time to Rock Your Disney Side On the all new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (Disney Voice Over)