So new, the concrete floor was yet to be stained at the new Logan’s Roadhouse near Formosa Gardens on the 192 West of I-4.

If you’ve been to Logan’s before, you know the score, it’s a great traditional style roadhouse with a rustic feel, peanut shells on the floor and a mouthwatering menu of steaks, ribs, burgers, and fish dishes to try.

If you are big on atmosphere, then, Logan’s is as good as it gets and kids will have a great time cracking shells open, munching nuts and sweeping them (legally) onto the floor!

During our family visit to the freshly opened location near Publix on the 192/429 Intersection, we could almost smell the fresh paint and new uniforms as we walked through the door.  Guests need not be concerned by inexperienced staff however, we’ve been driving past for weeks hoping to break in during the training period to try the place out!

Our patience was rewarded well, the greeting hosts were cheerful and the servers were efficient, fun and caring.  Hopefully the same standards will continue as the spirit of training fades over the months.

The food was good, not great, or was it great?  Was it the atmosphere, friendly service, the peanut shell fun?  Not one of us could quite place why we had such a great lunch at Logan’s!

Sure, the steaks were good, one came out a little drier than it should have been for ‘medium/well’ and the seasoning was a little bit overdone for one of our party, but overall, we’d enjoy going back here to eat food that’s comparable to the Outback and Longhorn’s.

Our only possible concern was that the fries portion seemed a little disproportionately small in comparison to the smallest NY Strip portion and the Bud Light had not been delivered.  I would imagine that our server would have rushed an extra portion of fries out without any complaint!  Miller fans will be pleased to know that their favourite Light came to the rescue!

Would we go back?  Yes, our little team will have this place on our fun places to eat list!