Disney Refillable Soda Mugs Launched at the All Star Resort

RFID (contactless devices) look to be the thing of the future for Disney.
Almost on a monthly basis, they wheel out a new service based upon the contactless technology.
MagicBands are the big one and will play a huge part in getting into the parks, buying gifts, paying for meals and accessing FastPass lines.

The ‘Rapid Fill’ refillable mugs launch soon at Disney’s All Star Resort, before rolling out to all of the Disney Resort Hotels.
With the new system, guests can purchase a souvenir cup, complete with RFID chip that can be prepaid over several days or entire stay.
All you need to do, is place your cup in a Rapid Fill vending machine and you get your soda!

Think of RFID as a kind of ‘invisible barcode’ unique to your device such as a MagicBand or Rapid Fill cup.

Rapid Fill Cups Cost between $8.99 for one day up to $17.99 for 4 days or more.
Rapid Fill Cups can not be re-used on a later vacation.
Valid Rapid Fill Cups can be used across multiple Resort Hotel sites.

Rapid Fill’s new Disney Refillable Soda Mugs are not valid in Theme Parks currently.