After spending $1.5b you’d expect your team to be on the ball with any project that you left them in charge of.  For that kind of money, you could forget the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and buy a real working Gold Mine with cash to spare!

Only recently, Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, announced that the full expansion would be rolled out imminently.  Indeed we have seen some progress, albeit a few more resorts using the Magicbands and a few parks defining which attractions will be restricted by Faspass+, but for now, there appear to be more questions than answers surrounding MyMagic+.

  • When will Annual Pas Holders be able to use MyMagic+
  • Will Magic Your Way Guests be able to use MyMagic+?
  • Will MyMagic+ be available to partner hotels such as Swan & Dolphin?
  • Will ‘deluxe’ resort guests get higher Fastpass+ rights than ‘value’ guests
  • Are Disney planning to charge guests for enhanced Fastpass+ privileges?
  • How will Disney handle fraud use of the MyMagic+ system?
  • Will Disney add live account balances into the MyDisneyExperience app?
  • How long will Disney retain data?
  • How safe is the data?
  • Can Magicbands be detected by fraudsters with scanners?

Full implementation in Disney’s eyes, might differ wildly to a guest’s idea of a implementation.  As with any new and exciting technology, the ‘early adopters’ take the kudos and risk for being the first brave users.  But just as the worldly wise might choose to await a few ‘updates’ of the operating system before they trash their old cell phones, it might be worth hanging back until the reviews of MyMagic+ start to reveal all is clear.

The causes for the delay that looks set to push MyMagic+ back a few months at least are unknown, but it would appear to be a little more than a few ‘bugs’ by the looks of things.
It was only in late October of 2013 that responsibility for the day to day implementation of MyMagic+ shifted to Disney World President George A. Kalogridis.  It would be safe to imagine that he is not a happy mouse.

In reality, we wouldn’t be surprised if Disney have simply underestimated the Guest Relations burden that MyMagic+ has generated.  The system may be nominally ok, but a couple of months delay could allow a new batch of recruits to join the Disney team and receive plenty of system training that might not have been anticipated.
We reported only yesterday that Sid Cahuenga’s store in Hollywood Studios entrance area will soon make way for a MyMagic+ service centre.  That did indeed take us by surprise!