IMG_7272If you think that Disney World is huge, spare a thought for the poor web staff that have the daunting task of keeping up with the astonishing developments that are signed off in Disney HQ.

A visit to their website reveals a busy mess of options, that makes it almost impossible to get straight to the information that you want.

Thankfully the ‘My Disney Vacation‘ page on provides a reasonable attempt to bring everything under one page.
Although far from perfect, the page acts as a great starting point and is worthy of a pace in your browser’s bookmarks.

There’s some really cool stuff on there, including a booking area for dining, park hours info, park maps and basic entertainment schedules including planned park and ride closures (for example, Blizzard Beach is currently closed until March 16th!)

Check the official page out for yourself or visit our ‘My Disney Vacation‘ quick review to see what we thought could be better!