Aloha Isle at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom!

Dole-Whip-1There’s nothing quite so strangely wonderful than the long standing land rather unique adoration that Disney World fans have for Dole Whip!
It’s one of the crazy cults that seems all so natural when you are inside those 27,258 Magical acres of Walt Disney World, yet outside, you wouldn’t normally give it a second slurp.
That’s the power of Disney’s Magic for you, and it will never leave the Magic Kingdom!

But be warned!

It will be leaving the cute little Aloha Isle Kiosk very, very soon indeed!
From the middle of March, something strange will happen in the dead of night, as the nocturnal Imagineers pick up their tools and change our beloved dole whip location forever more!
Orange BirdIn fact, wait, things are worse!  The lil cute old Orange Bird is moving too, as the Sunshine Tree Terrace also gives up it’s cold treat spot overlooking the Magic Carpets of Aladdin.
Don’t fear though, it’s not all as bad as it seems.  The two icy snack joints are simply swapping places as part of the rumoured transformation of the Adventureland Veranda (and part of the Liberty Tree Tavern) into a Jungle Cruise themed restaurant.

So, if your ritual is to stagger around the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House in Adventureland, while your better half waits in line for their chilled dessert of choice, you will hardly notice the difference in the location next vacation!

Sunshine Tree Terrace at the Magic Kingdom – Serves Citrus Swirl