Florida’s New Mover Over Law is Now Up & Running!

If you are reasonably smart, and drive with care, Florida is as safe as anywhere to drive!

Governor Rick Scott’s new ‘`Move Over Law’ is finally in place after years of attempts to bring lane hogging drivers into the right lane.

If drivers are caught in the left lane cruising at more than 10mph under the speed limit, they face a $60 fine if they do not move over to the right hand lane.

In reality, the law is well intended, but highly unlikely to be enforceable in any meaningful way!

Some potential problems with the new Law

  • The law only appears to apply to the left lane.  Center lanes are not affected or are they?
  • A driver at the speed limit, does not need to pull over to allow a car to pass, surely likely to cause road rage in certain cases.
  • If tailback traffic is not affected by the law, at what point does free flowing traffic become tailback traffic?

Our Advice to Tourists

Sadly, Floridians are not the most patient of drivers, which is a shame considering that the pay checks often roll in from the slower and more confused drivers on the State’s highways.

If you are in the left lane, and a car approaches from behind you, check your mirrors, check your surroundings and safely pull over to the right lane if there is sufficient space and time.  Do not panic or feel pressured if drivers waive fists and flash lights, just take safe action for you and your passengers!

Read our Florida Driving Tips Page for more important tips and information!