Guests heading to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom during the winter months of 2014 might not get to ride the signature monorail into their favorite theme park.

Over 10 million guests a year pour into the world’s busiest theme park and almost all take the immensely efficient Monorail right up to the entrance of the Magic Kingdom.
Keeping this characterful machine running smoothly, occasionally requires a little TLC and that time has almost come for the routine maintenance to take place.

From January 21st 2014 until late March, the Magic Kingdom and Express Beams of the WDW Monorail will be out of service during weekdays between 11:30am and 7pm.
The Monorail service will be up and running for the ‘park opening and closing rush’ on most days, however beyond those times, guests that wish to travel between the Magic Kingdom and the Transportation and Ticket Center (Parking Lot!) may use the Ferry Boat Service or temporary busses that will be added into service.

The Epcot beam will remain in regular operation at all times and is unaffected by this maintenance program.

The Monorail system at Walt Disney World first glided into action on October 1st 1971 and is now the world’s most heavily used monorail system.
Here are some facts and information about the Walt Disney World Monorail

  • 3 lines run through Walt Disney World
    • Epcot
    • Magic Kingdom Express
    • Magic Kingdom Resorts
    • (A fourth spur runs to the storage and work shop)
  • 6 stations
    • Magic Kingdom
    • Contemporary Resort
    • Grand Floridian
    • Polynesian
    • Epcot
    • Transportation & Ticket Center
  • 157,000 passengers per day
  • 14.7 miles of track
  • 55mph top speed (40mph max when in service)
  • Each train has 8x 113hp motors running on 600v
  • 203ft 6in long trains constructed by Bombardier
  • Currently the MkVI Monorail since 1989
  • 12 different colored Monorails in service
  • First in service on October 1st 1971
  • The drivers are called ‘Pilots’