Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire

A perfect castle stage show for Disney fans!

When Mickey takes center stage, just below Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom, you are assured of smiles and warmth all round.  No matter what age, no matter how many times you’ve made that pilgrimage to Walt Disney World!

The latest Castle Stage Show not only ticks the box, but it definitely seems to have a little something extra, that we will do our very best to explore and explain.
The backstory is really simple and effective; Mickey and his pals invite new friends to the Magic Kingdom for a celebration of friendship.  Disney magic at its best don’t you think?

What happens next is so easy to put into words, (but so difficult to give that sense of fun and meaning that the show truly deserves);

Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire is so playful, entertaining, warm and enjoyable!


Lots of room to enjoy the fun! (Elbows not needed!)

Like everyone in the whole wide world, our family loves being around Mickey and Minnie and the redesigned viewing areas in the Castle area of the Magic Kingdom (aka ‘the hub’) makes things really easy to get a great view.
What works so well is the choice of space to view the show from.
Some people want to be up close, others want to include the whole of Cinderella Castle in their view, others might want to be right up close to the Partners Statue during the show.
The result is lots of fun, with plenty of elbow room on most occasions.

Interesting, witty, with a tremendous finale!

Back to the show though, and fans of the classic pals will not be disappointed.
MickeyMinnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Goofy are all having fun, but best of all, some of the newest and most popular friends are invited along to the celebration too.
Watch out for;

Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy each have a little set of the show, introducing their new friends and this works wonderfully, by adding an ever changing storyline, with characters coming on and off the stage.  This definitely keeps the interest at a continual peak throughout the entirety of the 20 minute show.
The delightful finale is set to a full cast on stage, daytime pyro (not too noisy) and a rapturous renditioning of ‘Let it Go!’ from Frozen’s Elsa.
What more could you need to round off a perfect meet up with Mickey?


When and where to catch the show!

  • Easy to find, just head right up to Cinderella Castle and find some space
  • Standing only
  • Lots of space, with great viewing
  • Show lasts about 18 minutes
  • (Make bathroom stops before the show)!
  • Make sure you have sunscreen on the kids (sunscreen tips!)
  • Take a few bottles of water if it is hot! (avoid dehydration tips!)
  • Double Check the ‘Show Times Guides at the park entrance!


Video Highlights (Don’t Spoil it For Yourselves Though!)


Exclusive Inside Story from the Show’s Director! (Oh Donald!)