Mickey Pants Bucket

UPDATE: Prices of this dessert have now been reduced to $14.99 at The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor and the Plaza Restaurant.

Luxury Orlando Vacation HomesThis Easter Weekend was made all that extra special thanks to Disney!
Attractions Magazine announced that the Plaza Ice Cream Parlour were selling these cute little beauties as ‘Mickey’s Kitchen Sink’ for a teeth chilling $23 + tax!

For that, you get 3 scoops, whipped cream, peanut butter chips, choc chips and 3 glazed cherries!  (Oh, and of course, a cute little ‘Mickey’s Pants’ bucket kind of thing in the guise of a kitchen sink!).
NOTE: This same Mickey’s Kitchen Sink dessert is on offer at Disneyland California Adventure Park for $11.99!
NOTE: Disney will not allow any substitutions of ingredients which may disappoint peanut allergy sufferers.

Why a kitchen sink?  Well, guests accustomed to visiting Disney’s Beach Club Resort will no doubt have tried the famously popular ‘Kitchen Sink’ dessert that resembles a stainless steel sink with faucets crammed full of every possible dessert item and brimming with creamy soft serve!  (For more info, visit the Disney Food Blog!)

The Magic Kingdom version is much humbler a serving, and at $23 a go is definitely going to be a ‘love or hate’ dessert.  We can predict already that two camps of people will walk up to the counter, both saying ‘Hey guys look at this!  It’s crazy!’ for completely different reasons!

For more pictures, please visit our friends at the Disney Food Blog!

We are going to hear a lot about this in Disney forums and blogs, but our take on it, is that those Mickey drawers are irresistible!
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