As we pulled up to this multi award winner last evening, we were filled with hope of finding a great Indian Restaurant in Orlando at long last.

We weren’t expecting a luxurious ‘Bistro’ style ambience, we’d seen photographs and knew already that the decor was a little less upscale, but that shouldn’t matter if the food is great.

The staff appeared to be friendly enough, but, also seemed to lack attention as the kids in our group read out their choices.  We quickly noticed the server’s distraction and re-read the order to them politely.

The Appetisers arrived staggered across the four adults by around 5 minutes, leaving us with the decision to ‘eat cold’ or ‘eat as individuals’ rather than as a table.  This wasn’t the biggest problem unfortunately; the Chicken Haryali Tikka was a little more succulent than we’d hoped for, so much so, several pieces were completely pink in the middle.

The Entrees arrived, and our pet hate of retaining appetiser cutlery came in to play!  Luckily, the main courses were less staggered on this occasion however the overwhelming consensus from the group was that the dishes were excessively seasoned with salt.  The seasoning in particular ruined what may have been perfectly adequate dishes.

Moving back to those kids meals, several parts of the order did not show up at all and the mango chutney that was ordered with the Adult’s appetiser popadoms, arrived in the midst of the Entree.

At around $30 per person for Appetisers, Entree and a few drinks, we felt bewildered by our experience at this award winning restaurant.  Were they just lucky year in year out?  Or perhaps most likely, the competition for Indian Cuisine just isn’t good enough to put up a worthy challenger!

Would we go back to Memories of India?

No, not at all.  Undercooked chicken is not an excusable error, nor should fine Indian Cuisine be ruined by simple seasoning errors.

We also doubt the whole Indian Cuisine thing in Orlando if this is the best in town!