The next time you’re in a nicely themed shop or line wait area, it might be worth taking a much closer look at some of the lovely features that be more than just ‘decorative fancy stuff’.
What many take for granted, other keen eyed guests add to their growing collection of what many park goers refer to as ‘Easter Eggs’.
In theme parks, the term ‘Easter Eggs’ tends to hint at the little treasures that we have to seek out and explore a little deeper, to discover them.

The most famous of all ‘Easter Eggs’ are without doubt the ‘Hidden Mickeys‘, those little, or huge Mickey head shapes, that guests are never, ever far away from inside Walt Disney World.  Some are totally obvious, while others are almost impossible to spot without extreme effort and concentration, but believe us, they are everywhere!


Other Easter Eggs, like this lovely bit of theming inside the Magic Kingdom’s Sir Mickey’s Store is a little easier to spot, but it’s not hard to imagine that most guests walk out of the shop, completely unaware of the lovely reference to the 1947 movie ‘Mickey and the Beanstalk“.IMG_7575

Universal Studios have also long practiced the art of placing little gems into their parks, but we feel that the most charming of all are the recent little touches that have appeared in Diagon Alley.
Since closing in January of 2012, the popular JAWS attraction took its last bite of the theme park dust at Universal Studios to make way for the then unannounced Diagon Alley.
Universal had been puzzling long and hard about expanding the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the most obvious solution was the Hogwarts Express journey between King’s Cross Station and Hogsmeade.
The problem was, that a huge fish lay in the path.  It had to be killed.
Fortunately ‘Bruce’ remains, and the Universal Creative team couldn’t bear to kill off the old JAWS ride in its entirety, so they peppered Diagon Alley with half a dozen or more special little nods to the old bone crunching shark.

Rather than spoil it for you, we won’t go into too much detail, but here’s a little list of JAWS Easter Eggs to watch out for inside Diagon Alley;

  • A fictitious album cover named “Here’s To Swimmin’ With Bow Legged Women”
  • Shrunken heads that sing “Show Me The Way To Go Home”
  • Some partly obscured Shark Jaw Bones (Think about herbs and potions)
  • A telescope made from Brass parts from the JAWS attraction
  • A rope ladder and chains from the old attraction (wow that’s the toughest to find!)
  • A wooden crate from the JAWS attraction (under some office stairs)
  • Are there any more you can find?

If you really want a spoiler, then take a look at this video from Attractions Magazine, but we think you’ll have more fun on your first visit by giving at go yourselves!