Team Mickey


Team Mickey will go soon! (After the Holidays perhaps)

Disney’s huge investment will double the scale of their Downtown Disney shopping and dining area into a colossal 150 site money making machine over the next few years.  Work has been under way sine the summer of 2013, as areas like Pleasure Island make way for the hotly anticipated Disney Springs that is due to complete in 2016.

The project is so vast, that it is already impossible to avoid the impact of the development as construction boards rise, temporary bridges go up, and embarrassing relics such as the Pleasure Island night clubs come down.  Disney are taking this exciting new development very seriously indeed and many of the businesses along I-Drive and the 192 will be bracing themselves for the effect that Disney Springs will have upon them as guests stay on Disney property rather than drift further afield.

The Marketplace Co-Op will open in the Spring of 2014 as a kind of artificial ‘co-op’ store that we see around the city centres of our home towns.  Of course, there’s no ‘Co-Op’ at DTD, as Disney own all of the 6 mini stores that are to be set up in this open plan store.

  • Beautifully Disney – A beauty destination for woman featuring make-up, fragrance and beauty accessories.
  • Cherry Tree Lane – Accessories for the sophisticated woman with a passion for scarves, shoes, bags and jewelry.
  • D-Tech on Demand – A place to personalize and customize your own electronic accessories.
  • The Trophy Room – Vintage inspired, lifestyle sports apparel and collectibles.
  • Centerpiece – Home product for Guests that want a splash of Disney in their room furnishings, textiles and everyday ware.
  • Zoey and Pickles – A girls’ destination containing the latest trends and glamour for the up and coming fashionista.

There’s a very important reason for this new direction of course.

With just over two years to go before all of the new Disney Springs businesses are open for business, Disney have to get their products right.  The Marketplace Co-Op is the perfect laboratory for experimentation as the Disney Market Research team kicks into gear.
How smart are these people?  What an amazing way to test crazy new ideas, exciting new products!

Disney will be measuring the success of Disney Springs in terms of $ profit per sq foot and they won’t be taking any chances.  Data will decide which goods we can choose to buy on our vacations of the future, so we can expect the Marketplace Co-op to change the merchandize regularly!  Not a bad thing for guests at all!