What is Margaritaville all about!

Margaritaville is the ultimate immersive experience for people that love to kick back, relax and probably party most evenings!

Jimmy Buffett’s enigmatic lyrics and soft ‘island’ vibe draws us into those dreams of crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches.
At Margarativille of course, those dreams can easily come true with the help of just a few clicks of a smartphone!

That’s what the totalorlando team just did to reserve a spot in the most exciting new vacation rental resort to appear in Central Florida this decade.

Pre Register To Stay At Margaritaville Resort Orlando!

Although you can’t yet book your stay in 2018, the luxury community will be open during the coming year.
Right now, we understand that the stunning hotel is already under construction, and the very first model homes are about to break ground.
Whether you want to stay in the beautifully themed Margaritaville Resort Orlando Hotel, or book a stunning stay in an official Margaritaville Resort vacation rental home, we’d recommend registering your interest (no obligation) at the official Margaritaville Resort Orlando website.

Orlando Visitors already LOVE Margaritaville!

Jimmy Buffet’s eye catching Margaritaville brand is certainly no stranger to Orlando’s thriving tourism sector.
The stunning ‘Lone Palm Airport’ bar, and the nearby Margaritaville Orlando Restaurant lures Universal’s hot and tired guests after a sweaty day of fun at the two theme parks.

While it’s true that most of Jimmy Buffett’s fans are North Americans, the Universal Orlando locations ensure that there’s a significant following of non USA fans too!
British fans in particular amount for a significant portion of the devoted Margaritville devotees.
After all, warm weather, cool drinks and a soothing musical rhythm can’t be bad for anyone!

Own a home at Margaritaville and vacation for free?

That might seem a very bold claim, but smart vacationer/investors have long known of the magical world of vacation home ownership.
Generally speaking, popular resorts like Margaritaville are in hot demand, leaving owners the choice of letting the official property managers to fill their unused weeks with paying guests.
The homes are maintained immaculately and are available for your family to book as often or as little as you like!

Quick Facts For Margaritaville Resort Orlando

What We Think of Margaritaville Resort Orlando

Even as Orlando’s visitor numbers are already soaring year on year, we’ve seen only a hint of what’s to come!
Even Orlando International Airport is adding a new terminal to cope with the forecast demand, as the major theme parks are installing huge new attraction investments.
With a new Avatar Land already open this summer, and Universal’s freshly debuted Volcano Bay water park, we can expect a very busy 2018 and beyond.
More is in store with Star Wars Land, Toy Story Land, and many major rumors for further development at Epcot.  Universal are also slated to add a Nintendo themed land to Orlando.
The theme parks certainly aren’t hanging around!

The big resorts, even with their new hotels, simply can’t cope with demand.
Margaritaville however, sits in a cool, and very unique bubble;
In the form of Escapism, Margaritaville has its own ‘magic’ and not the kind of magic that the theme parks can truly compete with.
Margaritaville’s exciting, family friendly resort, mainly caters for the ‘kids left home‘ clients with the unique lifestyle of Jimmy Buffett’s getaway brand.
In a bizarre kind of way, Disney simply can’t compete with Margaritaville.
The tropical island ‘escape’ lifestyle is even bigger than Mickey Mouse!

Click the image below to visit the official Margaritaville Resort Orlando website!

Official Margaritaville Website