Many reviews will pour onto the internet this weekend and greater film critics than the totalorlando team will be able to cast a more informed opinion about this latest Disney thriller.  By thriller, we do of course mean ‘family thriller’ and my family at least was indeed thrilled by Angelina Jolie’s stunning performance just now.

If you imagined Jolie’s character to suit this role perfectly, you will not be disappointed in the least, and if ever this brave and kind actress made the unlikely decision to retire from the big screen, she wouldn’t be shamed at all using this as her swan-song.

The combination of her skills, beauty and on screen presence are coupled with fabulous wardrobe and makeup to great effect.
Having seen this movie this today, I cannot imagine any other actress being able to come close to enabling a movie like this to be made at all.
Jolie truly is Maleficent and the irony of the on screen performance and her own real life’s love of children was not lost on me for one minute.  If you are confused by this statement, all will come very clear when you finally get to watch the plot unfurl.

If you have any preconceptions about the Maleficent plot, we won’t say anything more that could ruin the surprise, other than; you are going to be delighted by this skilfully developed version of a classic storyline.
No spoilers here!
So please go and watch the movie on the big screen as it should be!
By all means, buy a copy at some point soon, but please don’t miss the spectacle of seeing it as intended, with popcorn etc.

For dads, the adorable Jolie is not going to disappoint, she looks truly lovely, but be warned, there are a few parts of the movie that will reduce the toughest out there among you to claim you had something in your eye!  This is a heart puller!

Technically speaking, the graphics and special effects are as you’d expect from Disney.
Eye popping in 2D, so we can only imagine that the 3D version looks great too, but the only possible criticism that we could scratch around for was that there did seem to be a something not quite complete about the presentation of the movie.
After much thought and deliberation, we kind of came to the conclusion that this wasn’t the best direction from the very credit worthy Robert Stromberg.
Much of the movie is clearly flawless, but it only took a few scenes, such as the rain scene inside Aurora’s cottage to kind of add a fleeting moment of cheesiness that did detract from the whole thing.

However, I must confess, that this is one of those very few special movies that leaves you buzzing for hours after you leave the cinema.  That’s what movies should be like.

So why not a classic you ask?
The adapted storyline, the performance by Jolie and the movie overall, is eye wateringly good, (in more ways than one), and this rather special movie does deserve to be watched over and over again as any classic should be for years to come.
The block that prevents Maleficent from being marked as a true Disney Classic, is to some degree ‘by design’, as this movie is clearly aimed at a new kind of audience for Disney. Much in the same genre as Harry Potter, ‘tweenagers’ and up will adore this super cool movie.
Disney do deserve immense amounts of credit for not going down the slushy route of the equally adorable but broadly popular Frozen.

Finally, there’s the sweetest of treats as the credits roll.
No extra scenes this time, but, the most chilling version of Once Upon A Dream by Lana Del Rey.  Again, an entirely new look at an age old classic, makes this another win for Disney’s Maleficent.
Our final word about this story of good, evil and revenge, is to ask you to keep an open mind about the truth behind Maleficent!

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by Kevin Maw – Editor