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Magicbands have been blamed for lots of things, from holding park attractions developments back to being a potential infringement of privacy rights, to being too complicated for first time guests to understand.

The reality is, that part of the above may possibly be true, but Disney fans just don’t seem to mind as their visits to Walt Disney World just keep getting better and better thanks to that varying degree of uses that your location within the resort can be turned to!

Being able to know where you are, where you are headed and how long it took you to get there, provides Disney some invaluable information that was once little more than skill and guesswork to manage resources around its huge Orlando theme parks.
Now it seems, that Magicbands are being put to great effect to help guests plan their way around this colossal 27,258 acre entertainment empire!

Magicbands offer two forms of wireless RFID connection to Disney.
One, is known as ‘near field’ and requires the magicband to be within inches away from an electronic reader.  This is perfect for making purchases securely (with a pin code) and for reserving fastpasses and entering your room on Disney property.

The ‘far field’ RFID connection between your magicband and Disney, provides the user the chance to activate things like enhanced attraction features, or to simply notify Disney where about in Walt Disney World resort your actually are.  Perfect for informing the theme park operator for example; that you have no chance on earth of making your Splash Mountain Fastpasss+ reservation, because you are still in your resort hotel eating breakfast!

Accurate Bus Arrival Times

Now though, according to WDW News Today the Disney Transportation system benefits from the ‘far field’ RFID system, by tracking bus departure times, speed between stops and current location of the vehicle.
All guests will need to do is look at the special LCD display at the bus stop to see precisely when the next bus will arrive!
Currently, only a few resort hotels stops have the new system, but it’s fair to expect that all of the major bus locations throughout Walt Disney World will be fitted with the new technology.

RFID and Magicbands are undoubtedly going to evolve into a very big asset for Disney as they battle to make sure everyone spends as much of their vacation time as possible at WDW.  We can expect more and more neat tricks and benefits to make this happen!

Editor Note: At the time of writing, the trial was believed to being limited to the route between the Magic Kingdom and Port Orleans Resort only.  So, a long time perhaps before we see a wider roll out, maybe towards the end of the summer at a guess.