Magic Kingdom Moat

Make the most of shots like this as Cinderella Castle’s Moat gets backfilled with dirt.
Work has begun already and what used to be known as the ‘Plaza Swan Boat’ waterway is soon to become additional standing space around the ‘Hub’ of the central Plaza.

If you had ever fantasised of the return of those charming tour boats around the castle, this latest news will surely make you cry.
Once the work is complete, a whole new walkway will circle the current hub, making navigation around this busy section of the Magic Kingdom much more efficient, and keeping people moving, is an essential part of theme park management.

Regular readers of our blog may have recalled that in October, we announced that work would begin on a themed improvement to the ‘back of Main St USA’.
Currently a secret route is reserved for the busiest park days, enabling guests to leave the Plaza area swiftly after the Wishes fireworks display.

Plaza Swan Boats (1973)Regular visitors to the evening firework shows and the soon to return 3 o’clock parade will also appreciate the fact that getting a descent view is an art right now.
The newly paved area will make a huge difference to those events and will bring an end to temporary walk ways through grassed areas of the park on busy evenings.

Disney are currently under a bit of pressure for their ‘money grabbing’ ways right now, and although this is a sad development for fans that love the nostalgia of the 70’s theme park features, this new work will make the ‘free’ shows, much more enjoyable!

(Black and white Plaza Swan Boat image dated 1972