Amazingly, one of our favorite kid’s parks seems to have lost its way a little in a recent upgrade to one of its headline attractions.

LEGOLAND Florida is without doubt the theme park for kids.
Not the Magic Kingdom we hear you say?  Actually, no, LEGOLAND might certainly not have that special Disney Magic, but it really sets itself to one side as a totally under 14s theme park.

So when we heard that the new ride cars were coming to their Coastersaurus wooden roller coaster, we thought ‘fantastic!’
Only recently we realised that our enthusiasm was totally misguided.
What is the point of a really cool looking ride vehicle in the guise of a retro off road vehicle if most kids can no longer ride?

LEGOLAND have sadly bumped up the minimum ride height from 36″ to 42″ for the Coastersaurus ride.

crying-kid-672x480This means that girls and boys at 36″ tall would be aged around 3 years old, but would have to wait until they are 5 years old on average before they can now get onto this really cool ride.  We sure hope that the LEGOLAND staff have plenty of earplugs available near that coaster entrance!

Not my kids idea of fun!