Legoland Florida Hotel Concept

The rather cool LEGOLAND hotel planned for 2015 is a bit of an odd one for us at totalorlando.  While we think families will love the brick themed design, we just haven’t quite worked out how many guests will dig into their pockets to pay for extra accommodation on their future vacations.

Imagine leaving your Disney resort or luxury vacation home for an overnight stay at LEGOLAND?  No, us neither!
Perhaps LEGOLAND are hoping to draw a full vacation stay out of guests when their new 152 room hotel opens alongside its water park and theme park near Winter Haven.
The brick appeal is certainly there for young LEGO fans and the themed rooms will delight them, but 10 days in there could drive you a little crazy.
Within days of returning home, those boxes of LEGO will be in the trash as you attempt to regain parental sanity!

Although LEGOLAND Florida is an amazing place for younger kids, with barely 2 days of entertainment available, across the water park and theme parks, we guess that the big users of this lovely hotel will be Florida residents making the use of a few days break and weekend stays.
Some package tour visitors will also no doubt reach this far away from Disney (35 minutes or so) as they seek out low cost accommodation deals.