Luxury Orlando Vacation HomesDiagon Alley’s latest official video is only just under two minutes long, but Universal’s top creative guy; Mark Woodbury, introduces us to some real footage taken from within those construction walls that have been in place for just over two years in the Jaws area of Universal Studios.

With references to the world that JK Rowling had created in her books, you can see the delight on Mark’s face as he describes the challenge of taking us into Diagon Alley for real.
Authenticity was crucial for the Universal team, and we suspect, not least because of the very high standards that JK Rowling herself had set for both Diagon Alley and the previous Hogsmeade area over at Islands of Adventure!

Universal clearly didn’t want to do any injustice to the ideas that readers of the fabulous novels had created about Diagon Alley in their own minds.
Watching the video, and thinking about the detailing that we are already seeing for the area, we have to give the creators top marks!
Architecturally, Diagon Alley is an astonishing recreation of real streets and buildings of London, and they even carry the hallmarks of centuries of wear and tear.
Stains, erosion, and even makeshift patches of brickwork all combine perfectly to faithfully render the ravages of time that these magnificent buildings of London have endured.
Although the Harry Potter novels are a fictitious masterpiece, the locations used in the books and films famously cross over into the real life of Britain’s capital city.
they’ve done such a good job with Diagon Alley, that if you like what you see in the park, you would love the fabulous tourist centres of the UK, many of which are instantly recognisable as locations in the movies.

In the video above, Woodbury describes the use of Giant screen technology in the Escape From Gringotts Ride, creating an immersive environment for the thrill ride to ensure that the descent into the vaults as ‘quite a journey!’  We can’t even begin to imagine how this very complex and unique experience is going to be when it finally opens this summer!

In other Diagon Alley news, we also discovered this week that the Hogwarts Express ride that will link Diagon Alley in Universal Studios and Hogsmeade in Islands of Adventure, will be subject to a one ride each way during busy periods. (Like for the next 3 years or more?)
It’s interesting to note that theme parks have the challenge of building great new attractions, but once they do just that, problems with unforeseen guest behaviour can potentially ‘mess up’ the flow of guests around the park.
One observer even questioned; “how will they be able to drag guests away from the Hogwarts Express train after they have ridden it?”

Interesting times for Universal and we can expect more, much more over the coming years!