Remy would approve!

Remy would approve!

Does your family ALWAYS clear the plate when dining at Walt Disney World?
If not, join the rest of us as we slide thousands of tons of the stuff a year into the garbage bins inside the most magical place on earth.

Disney, ever conscious of its role in the environment has a special recycling plant to convert our unwanted gherkins, discarded side garnish and uneaten veggies into clean efficient electricity.

The off limits refinery cost a cool $30m to set up and can handle up to 350 tons of gloop and slop in a super hi-tech generation plant powered by the waste bio gasses that conveniently steam out of our disposed meals.

Operated by Harvest Power, the fabulous plant not only produces heaps of electricity from the slurry, but the waste product of the process is valuable to Disney as a rich, safe organic fertiliser.

So the next time you shuffle outdoors into the sunlight after a heavy meal in the parks, you can smile knowing that the beautiful landscaping was powered by you and so too, the next ride you are about to get on!