Klondike Wild Arctic


Klondike, the 18 year old Polar Bear was reported to have died in his sleep late last week in his SeaWorld Den.

He and his Sister ‘Snow’ were born in Denver Zoo in 1994, but were reared by keepers after being abandoned by their mother.  They lived at SeaWorld Orlando for most of their lives as part of the Wild Arctic attraction.  Snow was however moved to Tuscon’s Reid Park Zoo during the early part of 2012 in response to her need for a drier climate, necessary to aid her skin allergies.
She died however in September of that year.

Klondike remained alone at SeaWorld since Snow’s departure.

Polar Bears are believed to live around 15 to 20 years in the wild, but can occasionally reach the age of 30 when in captivity.
Although Klondike appears to have lived a full Polar Bear life span, SeaWorld had not expected any issues due to Klondike’s otherwise good health.

Klondike’s passing might trigger some changes in the Wild Arctic attraction

It’s always sad to see the passing of a great animal like Klondike.
SeaWorld’s Wild Arctic is one of the best themed animal exhibits in the three Central Florida animal parks (Busch, Animal Kingdom, SeaWorld), but the amazing Beluga whales are still going to be hugely popular as guests head north in the helicopter simulator to the Wild Arctic research station.

Whether SeaWorld decides to replace Klondike remains to be seen, but our suspicions are that the park might concentrate more on the attractions than animal exhibits in the future.  Let’s hope that SeaWorld continues to adapt and change with great new rides like the Empire of the Penguin!