UPDATE February 24th 2015
Universal’s Comcast Board announces that the already under construction King Kong attraction is coming to Universal Orlando!
Not a big surprise but nice to know!

Update July 17th 2014

IMG_0192The iconic gateway into the Jurassic Park section of Islands of Adventure is no more!
For now at least.

Just yards away from the site of much photographed ‘monument’ styled ‘flaming’ archway, land is being cleared at lightning pace.
Universal are continuing to be tight lipped about Project 340, but the absence of any evidence from the officials is now neither here nor there.  We all now know that it’s for a brand new King Kong area as part of the huge ongoing investments at Universal Orlando.

But why take down the archway?
Our friends at Attractions Magazine may have the answer;  they believe that the removal of the archway is required because it’s original location is way too close to the new King Kong area, requiring it to be moved deeper into the park towards the Thunder Falls Terrace restaurant.
The relocation of the archway to another area of Islands of Adventure does at least confirm one major thing; that the new construction area is DEFINITELY NOT going to become another extended area of Jurassic Park.
As every day ticks by, the name “Skull Island”; from the original 1933 King Kong movie, is rapidly becoming a whole new part of the Islands of Adventure story.


UPDATE June 9th 2014

King Kong Construction News

The Jurassic Park T-Rex gave up his spot to make way for King Kong!

As we’d hoped for, a huge expanse of Islands of Adventure land is now cleared between the Thunder Falls Terrace area of Jurassic Park and the Toon Lagoon area near Dudley Do-Right’s Rip Saw Falls water splash attraction.
Reports from the very reliable touringplans team show some excellent ‘Kongstruction’ pictures (as they call them) and also mention that the popular T-Rex photo opportunity has been relocated nearer to the Discovery Centre as a result of the large scale construction project.
Despite the progress made so far, the area, which is now widely recognised as a King Kong based attraction, dining and shopping area, has still not been officially recognised by Universal Parks.
For our summary of the King Kong area, please check out our main article in our Islands of Adventure Parks Guide.

UPDATE April 27th 2014

Signs of construction work are already appearing in the space between Jurassic Park and Toon Lagoon.

UPDATE March 24th 2014

Luxury Orlando Vacation HomesFurther files have been submitted by Universal Orlando for an application for ‘Project 340’ to construct a significant new building in the location that lies between Islands of Adventures Jurassic Park and Toon Lagoon areas.
Although the application does not reveal the purpose of the building, it does show a building that appears set to be one of the largest in Islands of Adventure.
With that in mind, it looks pretty clear that this area is going to house a major attraction of some kind.
Theme Park Insider website claims to understand that the building continues to be ear marked for King Kong, and to be honest, we very much trust their reports, which always appear to be well researched or supported by evidence or very reliable inside information.
With that in mind, we think it is becoming increasingly likely that a substantial high tech attraction based on the legendary angry ape is heading to Orlando soon.
If Universal’s recent history is anything to go by, we can expect groundworks to commence this summer and the possibility of an attraction debut in 2016.
While it is impossible to speculate what exactly the attraction will be at such an early stage, we can expect it to be far from ordinary, as Universal appear determined to roll out ‘game changers’ rather than ‘mediocre’ attractions.
Their limited resource is land, and from now on, we can always be sure that Universal will invest heavily in ‘big attractions’, meaning that we could probably expect to see this as a ‘hybrid’ style attractions that offers a combination of 3D simulation, immersive storylines and a high standard of cinematography.

In other words, the attraction you enter, will change to create different experiences as you journey through the King Kong story.
It’s a safe bet to imagine that we will see battles with dinosaurs on Skull Island, an eventful sea voyage, and of course, a rampage through New York, culminating in some stunning aerial scenes including the epic moments atop the Empire State Building.
Can’t wait, for what looks set to become a very powerful weapon in the ongoing battle between Universal and Disney.
Of course, Disney have a league of loyal moms, dads and their kids, but Universal appear to be revelling in taking care of their teen and young adult fans, all looking for a different experience as they grow up and look for some separation from their parents.
Interesting times in Orlando!


Original Blog Post

Wow, breaking news, but it looks pretty certain now that a new King Kong attraction is heading to island of Adventure in Orlando some time soon!

The ever reliable themeparkinsider.com speculate that either a King Kong based attraction is headed to the Jurassic Park area of Islands of Adventure.
Earlier this week, word revived the ‘Polercoaster headed to Orlando’ story from last year.
Regular readers will recall that this compact, tall ‘roller coaster around a pole’ was scheduled to arrive in Orlando during 2014/15.
Although no theme park was attached to the story, it could possibly be headed to the ‘short of space’ Universal parks after all.
As the Robert Niles from the Themeparkinsider.com suggests, there’s not much room at all left in the Jurassic Park area of Islands of Adventure, so King Kong perched atop of this huge ‘skyscraper’ might be a realistic solution for IOA.

For more info about the Polercoaster, read our article from last Autumn.
It looks one very good ride!

Interesting times!  Could things get any scarier for Disney?


Note: Kongfrontation!
Kongfrontation logo.jpg

KONGFRONTATION opened in June of 1990 at Universal Studios Orlando.
A tram ride took guests deep into New York City as Kong destroyed helicopters and buildings in true classic style!
It closed in Sep 2002 to make way for the super popular Revenge of the Mummy ride.

Kongfrontation King Kong Ride