Reunion Resort GuideThe two kid’s play areas at Reunion Resort are a little less substantial than we’d like, but with with10 resort pools, a 5 acre water park an arcade room at Seven Eagles Cove, we can forgive Reunion for letting people have fun in the fabulous waters and air conditioned spaces that the resort provides!

If, however, you do want to take a visit to either of the cute wooden structure play areas, you will enjoy the beautiful resort landscaping along the walk or drive.

At the Villa South area
The smaller play area includes a small spiral slide, ladder climb and ‘wobbly bridge’.
Wood chipping safety floor.
Near the Tennis Centre 
A slightly larger play area includes a 3 lane short slide, elevated walkways.
Soft rubberised safety floor is provided.
As we’ve mentioned, the kids play areas aren’t anything special at Reunion Resort, but that’s more down to the fact that there’s just so much more to do in and around Reunion.
The resort is very child friendly and you will have plenty to do with family members of all ages!