Donald with the Ducks

Theme parks are continually monitored by excellent security systems, making them some of the safest places to take your family to.
Our advice though, is to follow the same safety rules that you’d use anywhere else in the world!
Never let your guard drop when it comes to your kids, wherever you are!

Note: We’ve never heard of a ‘stranger’ related child abduction in one of the main theme parks.
Child safety is important, but being realistic is equally important.
The Parks are genuinely safe if you follow some very simple rules!
Every kid that has got lost in the theme parks to date has simply got separated and all have shown up quickly.  So keep things in perspective but act swiftly if it happens to you!
  1. Always dress younger kids in very distinctive clothing that can stand out to you in a crowd.
  2. Get used to taking a picture of all of the kids together in the parking lot at the start of every single park visit.
    Not only is this a great way to remember which parking lot you are in, but you can also show park officials exactly what your kid looks like and what they are wearing that day if they do actually wander off.
  3. Write your cell phone number in your kids shoes and let your kid know to tell park officials if you are separated.
    Safety Tattoos are a great choice if you purchase them in advance of your vacation!
  4. Show your kids how to recognise a Cast Member and encourage them to strike up a conversation with a Cast Member to gain confidence in approaching them for help.
    The Cast Member will not mind one bit!
  5. Rather than telling young kids to meet somewhere, simply ask them to contact a nearest park official or Cast Member.  It means far less wandering about for your upset child.
  6. Never let kids go to the rest rooms alone.  Rest Rooms pose one of the highest risks.
    Use this rule in attractions, shopping malls and restaurants, whether on vacation or at home.
    Aways report any suspicious people or behaviour to park officials.
  7. If your child goes missing, stay calm and immediately contact a park official or Cast Member.
  8. Consider Kiddie Leashes for very young toddlers.
  9. Never assume that another family member is watching your kids.
    Assign a person to each child and stick to it.  Never just assume someone has got the kids covered, as they may well have wandered off before you realise.
    Ie: Dad looks out for the boys, mom the girls etc.
  10. Finally, never leave the Park Officials, Security Cameras and turnstiles to take the place of good parenting.  Please always remember that it is your responsibly to make sure that your kids are safe.
  11. Remember that poolside accidents are more likely on vacation and take a few minutes to read this article on pool safety tips.  You will be surprised at the major cause of pool accidents and children!