Jingle Cruise Magic KingdomIf the term ‘Jingle Cruise’ sounds familiar, you are probably a long time fan of a rather casual and sweet adaptation of the Jungle Cruise.   Each year, Cast Members have added their own personal touch to the festive season at the Magic Kingdom.
In 2013 however, Disney recognised the seasonal ad libs and made it an official part of the Disney calendar.

In 2014, the Jingle Cruise returns again, but we bet there’s not a snow flake in sight in sunny Orlando!

Everyone loves a gentle boat ride, especially when the stunning landscaping of the Magic Kingdom forms the backdrop for your adventure beneath the rain forest canopy.

Disney’s Jungle Cruise is legendary as one of the cheesiest locations on planet earth!!

Your hapless skipper takes you off along the jungle rivers of the world in search of nothing much more than your stifled laughter and groans as trophies.
The humor is truly awful, making this one of the funniest, amusing and yet cringeworthy journeys that your family will ever make, until of course next time!

Each trip is different, as the Cast Members pull their jokes ever so randomly from their witty repertoire.  (Check this site for a full list of possible jokes)

But now Disney seem to have excelled themselves as they unleash what now seems the most obvious adventure of all at Christmas!

The Jingle Cruise!

Jingle Cruise PropsThe journey is the same, perhaps a few new props and a lot of festive holiday jokes will make the ride temporarily, a whole new experience inside the Magic Kingdom this year!
Of course this will be astonishing news for those Disney World veterans that have lovingly endured this attraction since it first opened in 1971.  Hardly a joke has changed since then, which is of course, part of the fun!
From November 8th 2013 through Christmas, the first ever Jingle Cruise event coincided with Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and in 2014 the dates are set to run from November 7th through December 19th.