Talk Show turned into Reality

The new attraction ‘Race Through New York with Jimmy Fallon’ is set to be a huge hit with fans of the long running NBC talk show ‘The Tonight Show’.
The show has been a huge success since it first broadcast in 1954, amusing and entertaining guests throughout the decades!

Hashtag Jimmy Fallon Panda

Out with the Old and in with the New

You can find the new attraction located in the old Twister building, although completely unrecognizable as Twister, Universal have completely re-themed the building to an exact replica of 30 Rockefeller Center.

NBC Building Tonight Show

Is the New Virtual Line System a ‘Hit or Miss’?

So this is the test I guess!   Will the long talked about virtual line system actually work?
Only time will tell, but it’s looking pretty promising so far!

Guests can either reserve their passes using the Universal Resort App or by visiting one of the kiosks located just to the right of the attraction entrance.
You will be asked how many people are in your party?
Which will then display all available slots throughout the day, once you choose your slot you will be given a paper ticket with your return time.

When guests arrive back at their allotted time a Peacock Card will be provided to each guest!
(The peacock cards are colored cards that represent each of the colors on the huge NBC logo).
The cards are used to move guests through the interactive pre show areas.  Guests are free to enjoy the areas, up until the room transforms to the color of the card, at which point they are able to move to the next area.

When we visited on the 7th April, our return ticket was around 3 hours later but when we returned, we were told that the process to actual board the attraction was forty five minutes.
Forty five minutes might seem like a long time but when you consider most new attractions range from 70 to 300 minutes thats a pretty impressive time, also bearing in mind this was the day after the official opening.

Universal will also be using the new virtual line concept at their all new Water Park ‘Volcano Bay’ which opens on the 25th May!  This is an exciting concept that we really hope works out!
(Watch out for our opening event blog review on Volcano Bay!)

Pre Show Areas with a Wow

There are two pre show area and we love them both.

The initial waiting area located on the ground floor is what we would describe as an exhibit area.  The exhibits pay homage to all six of the past hosts of the show, including the current host; Fallon himself.  Each host is celebrated with an individual display containing artifacts from that particular era, great theming from Universal yet again.

All 6 hosts of the tonight show

The second waiting area is located on the first floor and is more of an interactive area.
There are two large large screens in which some of the shows past guests can be seen being interviewed.
There is also a small seating area complete with touchscreen game pads, however, there are only 12 seats here.  The best experience in this area is the live appearances which include Hashtag the Panda and the Ragtime Gals Barbershop Quartet.

The Quickest Way to Tour New York

The attraction is a 3D simulator ride which seats a total of 72 guests at any one time, there are 6 rows with 12 seats per row.  The hydraulic theater has been cleverly designed to have guests feel that they are in the actual seating area of the New York Set.

Guests are given 3D glasses before entering the main attraction.

3D glasses for Jimmy Fallon Race Through New York

It is finally time for guests to race through the streets of New York including all those famous sights and not to forget the smells.  Famous landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty feature in the hilarious journey with Fallon, in which he plays over 10 different characters including a cab driver and a construction worker!

Our Thoughts

The best way we can think to describe the new attraction would be to compare it to that of the Simpsons, however, it is a much smoother journey and the seating is much more similar to the Despicable Me Attraction!  In all honesty we prefer The Simpsons, maybe that is because they hold a magical place in our heart as a family!