Rialto Strip just off Restaurant Row loses out as J Alexander’s Closes

J Alexander’s traded for the very last time in Orlando this spring (2013) and joins a worrying trend of good quality restaurants that no longer serve diners.
Although the small chain retains the other locations across its 13 State reach, the location just West of I-Drive bites the dust after only 5 years of service.

Much has changed in those chilling years, as anyone in the tourism sector will mention at every opportunity these days.  Restaurants have taken a big hit.  Their prices are visible, can’t easily be discounted quietly like hotels, and require fairly well saturated occupancy each evening.
Add to the need to up-sell with nice bottles of wine and cocktails and you’ve got a recipe for disaster when the good times fade.

Like the nearby Timpano Chop House, 2013 was a hurdle too many and Alexander’s closed without too much surprise, according to leading food writer Scott Joseph*

Very sad to see one of the nicer places around I-Drive close!



*We love to keep our readers up to date, especially when there’s a big change on the tourist scene, but sometimes we admit that there are a few experts in and around Orlando that do the job much better than us!
It doesn’t happen often, but, we are always happy to own up!
Scott Joseph is without doubt the Orlando area’s best food critic.  His expertise in the industry and his eagerness to maintain the most up to date news is refreshing.

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