The multi year award winning Mythos restaurant deep in the heart of Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme park has been a long running favorite of ours.

Our most recent visit during July of 2012 revealed a worrying ongoing trend in some of the better theme park restaurants, and that appears to be a downward outlook.

Theme Park food is always a controversial matter, it’s expensive, and the standard is often below par, but Mythos traditionally stood out as one of the best theme park restaurants.

Today however, at lunch, we found ourselves at a table that was slowly served, not alone, judging by the requests for a manager to visit the unhappy table next to us.  After sitting for over 10 minutes before a drinks order was taken, our intended 3 course meal was curtailed to two courses when a total of over 90 minutes had passed inside the chilly restaurant.  We’d simply had enough!

Like a lot of restaurants, the bread eventually arrived, dry, over done under heat lamps perhaps?  We aren’t really sure, but, not a great start for sure.

Our main server seemed to be ok, but one of the assistant servers, clearly shouldn’t have been in that job.  His miserable dead pan demeanour was more at home in Disney’s Haunted Mansion to be honest.  Service in general was slow, and not very engaging, we don’t need entertainment, but a social exchange would be nice and we didn’t get that at Mythos.

Our Tomato Soup was excellent, as was the Mushroom Soup, however the Tempura Sushi Roll lacked flavor despite some nice presentation.  Entrees were mixed, the Filet was perfect, however the Fries with the Panini were literally barely warm.  Kids Burgers were dried out and the Pad Thai dish was less than inspiring and lacked flavor.  Two diners ordered the Pad Thai noodle dish, although they arrived with dramatically differing amounts of sauce, (one very poor dish for one diner).

The Desserts?  We didn’t stay to find out, precious park time was ticking away and 90 minutes seemed enough in the company of less than happy servers.

Would we go back?  Not for a very long while!

Head to Citywalk instead and pop back into Islands after lunch!