Hundreds of reasons why the Photopass is worth considering!


We’d prefer to think that the totalorlando staff members are ‘experienced’ rather than ‘old’!

With this experience, and a collection of young kids ready to some day join the staff team, we certainly appreciate that time flies!  As we look back at years and years of Orlando visits, we can’t help feel a little lost opportunity and sadness that we didn’t quite immortalise those precious moments with the camera.

It’s a well known photographic fact that an image connects to us like no other form of media.
So many people often make huge mistakes by not backing up images, losing them forever if a dreaded hard disk drive fails!
Worse still, the biggest crime of all perhaps, is not taking those precious images in the very first place!  And running close behind that is the second biggest problem, by someone in your group not being in the shot at all!

So often, mom or dad is behind the lens, manoeuvring the family into that perfect place, timing patiently to dodge the mouse ears of the passers by!

The answer, of course is Disney’s PhotoPass.  Not only do the PhotoPass Photographers know the best places to shoot, they have that huge advantage of not needing to be ‘in the shot’.  Add to that, the fact that their strategically placed tripods and smart uniforms spell out to passing guests;

K-E-E-P      C-L-E-A-R

The result? Great images of your whole family, dad included (if he can remember how to smile, it’s been that long ago since he had his last picture taken at school!)


So, Is the Disney Photopass Package Worth it?

In pure money terms, you can save $150 or so by taking your own shots.
They could be really great, but they won’t have everyone in shot unless you pester a lot of tourists all day!
Each PhotoPass photographer is carefully trained to take pictures that ‘SELL’, which usually means that they know each location inside out at every time of day to make the pictures look great.

Our answer is simple, if you want great memories, then yes, we are sad to ay that the PhotoPass is definitely worth it if you’ve got the cash.

Always remember that your family can always return some day again to fill the missing gaps in the album, but the kids move on and those magical shots of them being so small and young are lost forever unless you make the right decision!

As Disney state on their PhotoPass Cards; Smile, View, Shop


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