Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Hollywood Studios


The forerunner of complex computer controlled live theme park shows looks set to stay in Disney’s Hollywood Studios for some time to come, thanks to the news this week that Disney have secured the rights to produce movies under the Lucasfilm Indiana Jones theme.

The agreement comes as part of the 2012 deal with Lucasfilm/Paramount Pictures.
The original four Indian movies will still be distributed by Paramount, but Disney are now free to work on the release of new movies and story lines for this ever popular family favorite.

It is more than thirty years since Stephen Spielberg’s first ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ hit our screens in 1981, with Harrison Ford as the legendary hero.  In that time, the four movies are believed to have grossed over $1.9b not including franchising.

Indiana Jones Stunt ShowFor this reason, Disney will be keen to move ahead with the new releases, but as yet, no plans have been firmly announced.
The prospect of a new storyline is good news for Indian Jones fans in the theme parks.
Despite being around since August 1989, opening just a few months after the then named Disney-MGM Studios first opened, the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular still draws full crowds throughout the seasons, offering action packed drama, great scenes and of course a little Disney humor.

While it may be a few years before a new or updated version appears, we an be sure that Indiana will stick around Disney’s Hollywood Studios for many years to come!