UPDATE May 13th 2015:
Downtown Disney’s latest new restaurant will be called Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar, in honor of the pilot from Raiders Of The Lost Ar movie from 1981


IMG_6880So much speculation for such a tiny (by comparison) 55 acre theme park!
Yes, Disney’s Hollywood Studios celebrated its 26th birthday on May 1st 2015 and it has never had so much coverage in social media.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen and heard just about every rumor possible about the plans for this sweet movie themed theme park.
With big chunks of attraction areas closed, the hottest contender to head to the park is without doubt Star Wars.
Cryptically codenamed ‘Orange Harvest’ in the 2013 D23 Disney fan festival, we’ve actually heard nothing more official since then as Disney execs braced themselves as the guys up at Universal battered fans with attraction after attraction.

Did Disney get caught napping?  We think so, but are they worried?  Probably not as much as guests might think.  they have big plans in the pipeline with Disney Springs, Avatar and much more!   Times are good for Orlando’s theme parks and Disney are doing particularly well in the boardroom thanks to Magicbands and new merchandizing.

So, as Lucasfilms (part of Disney now) announce a new Indiana Movie, it kind of seems more sensible now that Disney have been protecting the current Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular around the Echo Lake area of Hollywood Studios.  An area hotly tipped to become the location for a Star Wars land.

Maybe the tipsters were entirely wrong and the now closed backlot tours area will become all things Star Wars?
Whatever the reality, Star Wars and Indiana look set to feature inside Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios for some time to came yet.
Whether an all new stunt show or ride will be created is yet to be seen!

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