One of the three ‘Mountains’ in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is going to be taking a huge break once the kids go back to school after the Christmas Holidays!
Originally expected to return to service on February 1st 2014, Disney appear to have bumped the re-open date back until March 22nd 2014.

Shutdowns of that duration usually indicate that some upgrades are in store, but we think it more likely that the work will purely be much needed maintenance work.
Any upgrades would have been planned for a year or more, but this shift in the schedule is rather ‘last minute’ in theme park terms.

The Magic Kingdom version of the ride soft opened on July 17th 1992, so it would be fair to expect that 21 years of steep descents and whirling bumble bees has taken its toll.
Nobody loves a shutdown, and this extension will most certainly be unpopular amongst Disney fans that are planning to make use of the quite parks prior to the mad Easter rush!

Easter Sunday in 2014 falls on April 20th by the way!

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