How is the Date for Easter Decided?  We look to the moon for an answer!

Easter in Orlando is without doubt one of the busiest seasons for the vacation industry as record levels turn to the Theme Parks for a family vacation that usually marks the end of a harsh winter back home.

We seem to accept the wildly erratic dates that seem to be passed to us each year for this most magical of holidays, so we thought we’d dig a little into the reasons for the Easter date variations of this religious celebration.

How is Easter decided? – The short answer!

Amazingly, as our opening title suggests, the Easter Sunday date is determined more by astronomy than religion.
Believe it or not, Easter falls on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the March Equinox (21st March).
The equinox is the time of year that days and nights are each 12 hours long.

Easter FAQ

When is Easter in 2014/2015/2016/2017/2018/2019/2020 ?

Such a variable method of calculating Easter gives us a real nightmare planning a future vacation.  We’ve covered the next few years dates for Easter Sunday to make things easy!

2014 Easter Sunday – April 20th
2015 Easter Sunday – April 5th
2016 Easter Sunday – March 27th
2017 Easter Sunday – April 16th
2018 Easter Sunday – April 1st
2019 Easter Sunday – April 21st
2020 Easter Sunday – April 12th

What is the earliest Date that Easter Can fall upon

22nd March is the first day after the Equinox

What is the latest Date that Easter Can fall upon

25th April is the last possible Sunday following a full moon after the March Equinox

Complications of Calculating the Easter Date!

Keen eyed observers may notice that Easter 2019 Falls much later than the rule seems to imply.  This is caused by the Full Moon occurring near midnight GMT of the 21st March.

When the full moon occurs around midnight GMT, an adjustment is made for the time in Jerusalem which may affect the time of the full moon or the equinox by 2hrs.

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