Live Show

The Horror Make-Up show is one of our favorite things to do in Universal Studios.  Wether it’s to take a break from the hot blazing sun, or escape the rain, we never fail to visit.

Probably The Most Overlooked Show

We feel the show is massively overlooked by many visitors.  Maybe guests with small children perceive it to be too scary for their youngsters.  Maybe others are in search of the more well known, more popular attractions.  Whatever the reason the show is rarely at full capacity.

Does It Gross You Out

Universal definitely don’t want to terrify you or gross you out, they much prefer to make you laugh.  We would describe the show as more of a comedy come behind the scenes attraction.  Whilst it might not be suitable for some young children, we find most tolerate the show just fine.

If you want grossing out and terrifying come back at Halloween and experience the Halloween Horror Nights, believe us when we tell you, that experience is a whole different story!

One Of The Few Original Attractions

The show opened along with the theme park back in 1990, using three onstage actors, coupled with some audience participation.  Be warned if you don’t want picking out to join the actors on stage make eye contact.  They are looking for guests who really don’t want to get up there, therefor if you avoid eye contact, we promise you are going to be a prime target!

In short the show is more of a comedy show with some information on how special effects are achieved.

Little known fact

If you look to the left of the building up on the second level, Universal added a window, in a moving tribute to the Pulse Victims who were a part of the NBC Universal family.

Show Times

Usually runs every 45 minutes, in quieter months hourly.


This is one of Total Orlando’s favorite live shows, we can watch it time and time again and never tire of it.