Backlot Tours Closed

We discovered yesterday that the decreasingly popular Studio Backlot Tour at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios will close on January 5th for a major refurbishment before reopening on March 2nd 2014.

The news of the temporary closure may go unnoticed by some, but for those keeping a close eye on the much anticipated park rumors, the refurb underlines a few very important facts:

  • Disney aren’t in a hurry
  • Disney haven’t yet finalised their plans
  • The Back Lot Tour area will be around for at least another few years.

With most of the rumors pointing towards the Back Lot Tours being used for a future Cars Land, we probably would all be wise to agree that Cars Land probably isn’t going to come to the Back Lot Tours area.
The rehab almost certainly buys the attraction another two years of life, and if we add on a further two years of construction for whatever might take its place, it would be 2018.
Cars just simply won’t have the legs to endure a further 10 years of market appeal from then!

Disney are no doubt very conscious that their tiny park needs to preserve as much ‘pulling power’ as it can, and this latest refurb suggests that Disney will add in quick turnaround projects and whole new area before they hack up any parts of the park for long term projects.
A Remodel of the Great Movie Ride, or the addition of a dark ride in Soundstage 1 would be great examples of projects that Disney might perform before getting the heavy earth moving equipment out in Hollywood Studios.

Of course, that is just an opinion, and one that might very well change tomorrow as more information oozes slowly from an almost bulging bag of Imagineering Projects at Walt Disney World!