Disney Unveils Vision for Disney Springs


Luxury Orlando Vacation HomesAs Downtown Disney steadily falls away into history and Disney Springs rises from behind the swathes of construction boards, a sense of quality and immersive ambience also rises from the DTD rubble.
Downtown Disney has definitely been good for guests, but, it seems that Disney Springs looks set to be much more of an ‘experience’ than a plain old trip to the shops and restaurants of old.
As each snippet of news emerges from our blog, we can’t help feel that Disney Springs is set to almost deserve the title of ‘5th theme park’ at Walt Disney World.

The theming that appears to be merging, includes themes such as Boathouses, Hangars and victorian conservatories, taking the experience of ‘having a bite to eat’ to a whole new level.

Morimoto Restaurant Disney Springs

Morimoto Restaurant Philadelphia

Today (April 23rd 2014), Orlando food writer Scott Joseph revealed that numerous high quality restaurants are already in discussions for locations in the highly upgraded restaurant and shopping zone of Disney Springs.
Morimoto, the Japanese and sushi restaurant of chef Masaharu Morimoto is included in the current candidates to turn up the heat in Disney Springs.
It is the STK modern steakhouse that is in the lead in terms of negotiations though, but we can surely expect more to join the fold as news breaks that Disney Springs is also looking to go completely upscale in the dining stakes.
With Disney looking to cater not only for their upscale resort guests, they will also have a keen eye on wealthy locals, regional businesses and of course the nearby Orange County Convention Centre!

While there’s going to be plenty of choice for families looking for fun dining, including a remodelled Planet Hollywood that looks like an observatory instead of a retro sci-fi planet, Disney is certainly going to take care of mom and dad as their kids grow older and head for University!