Wow, we weren’t expecting this!

If you’ve had a fortnight with the kids in a Disney Park, you will understand the despair that eventually kicks in as the kids order their 28th Pizza or Chicken Tenders meal.

Not only were the kids meals heavily unhealthy, but, totally lacking in diversity and interest across the entire Walt Disney World Resort!

Now the ‘Mickey Check‘ comes to the rescue!  This new ‘Marker’ will signify healthier eating options within the Resort restaurants making it easier for parents to pick out (or avoid in some cases) healthier options.

With options such as; Seared Mahi Mahi and Salad, Turkey Meatloaf and Vegetables, or Kid’s Turkey Sandwiches on offer, it will be really interesting to see how successful these fairly priced (for park food) meals become.

There’s no doubt about it, Disney will have carried out a lot of research to ensure that the profits, PR and healthy diet all combine in everyone’s favour!