It’s That Time of Year Again and Total Orlando are Beyond Excited

It’s time to start getting excited guys!  Halloween Horror Nights is almost upon us!  Just take a look around Universal and you will see the decorating is well underway.

There is so much to talk about!  However, I wanted to focus on one of the things we love the most about Universal’s Horror Nights, The Scare Zones!

The Scare Zones for 2017

The scare zones are so important, because they set the whole atmosphere of the park.  This is always expertly done by Universal who get 100% for theming, then add to that the very talented scare actors, and you have one of the scariest events in the world at Halloween time.  The scare zones are there to put guests on edge before entering any one of the terrifying houses.

The scare zones will be one of the first encounters guests will have upon entering the park and one of the last on leaving.  It’s almost like Universal don’t want you to sleep at night!

Unlike the houses there is absolutely no escaping the scare zones, each and every one has been strategically placed around the park to literally scare the life out of you nearly every step of the way!

What Do Universal Have In Store For Us This Year

Festival of The Deadliest

Join the ghouls for a halloween party.  Well they aren’t really ghouls, they are more glamorous halloween characters.  Not really scary but still a fun zone.

The Purge – New York Streets

One of the most talked about horror movies of modern day.  Guests can expect to come up against some of the most memorable scenarios from the ever popular movie.

  • A clean up crew who have been deployed to clean the streets after the deadly purge complete with woodchipper
  • The auction
  • The very polite gentleman

Trick ‘r Treat – Central Park

Based on the 2007 movie directed by Michael Dougherty.  This whole area represents halloween to perfection.  The area is adorned with hundreds of pumpkins overhead.  Coupled with trick or treaters and Sam himself with his iconic lollipop, we can guarantee you won’t get through this area without a few jumps and screams.


Altars of Horror

The fear starts right from the beginning as the scare zone is located right as you enter through the front gates.  For the first time ever Universal have unleashed some of their most deadly characters from their scare houses and given them free reign to terrorize each and every guest.  Guests can expect to come face to face with characters from Jigsaw, Evil Dead, American Horror Story and The Shining.

Invasion – San Francisco

Are you ready to walk through the destruction of earth?  Where aliens take over the world.  This zone isn’t exactly scary but we loved the props especially the spaceship that has crashed.  The aliens are more funny than scary, very disappointing compared to last year.


  • Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure (Final Year after 26 years)
  • Afterlife Academy of Villains (don’t miss this)

Dates and Times

The horror nights is running for a record breaking 34 nights!  From September 15th through to November 4th.  Select nights.

Busiest Nights

Saturday nights are usually the busiest nights.  The quietest time to visit is on one of those September dates.


Prices depend upon which day and date you visit.  Prices start at $ 59.99 for a single ticket.  There are also numerous frequent tickets that allow you to visit multiple times, they can range from $ 91.99 right up to $ 599.99.


R.I.P. Tours starting at $ 159.99

Unmasking The Horror Tours starting at $ 79.99

Scareactor Dining Experience $ 49.00

Dining Plan starting at $ 14.99

The 27th annual event is sure to be as popular as ever.