Happy Place

It was a lovely sunny Tuesday morning, so after we safely packed our kids off to school, my friend and I decided to visit our happy place ‘Universal Studios’ and ‘Islands of Adventure’. Much to the annoyance of our kids!

After a fun packed morning riding our favorite attractions, we decided it was time to grab lunch before heading back to the school gates.

CityWalk Dining We Love

With the growth of CityWalk and all those new great establishments such as Cow Fish, NBC and The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium, joining old favorites such as the Hard Rock Cafe and Margaritaville, you might ask yourself, is it worth dining in the actual parks?

Personally I am not a great fan of dining in the theme parks, simply because I love CityWalk, although at some point in my life I have probably dined in all the eateries, thanks to my job. One of the few places I hadn’t visited was the Confisco Grille.  For some reason I always wandered past and right into the Christmas store.  That is up until last Tuesday, when my friend insisted we visit, she had eaten there the month previous and was looking forward to returning.

2017-04-25 13.51.51

Top Class Service

On first walking in, we very nearly walked right back out, thinking they didn’t serve alcohol, it’s a bit of a tradition that we always have a Corona with lunch when we get together.  However, we were approached by a very pleasant young waiter who was quick to help us out and have us seated with a nice cold Corona with added lime before we knew it.

We have read many reviews that condemn the service here, however, we strongly disagree, the young waiter ‘Stan’ was attentive but not annoyingly so (you know the kind?).   He was very informative regarding the menu, both food and drinks.  The food come out very quickly.  I can hand on heart say the service is probably one of the best we have ever received within a theme park restaurant.

Reasonably Priced Theme Park Food Choice

The prices were also vey reasonable for the quality and quantity of food.  You can opt for a sandwich for lunch, which can cost anywhere between $ 10.99 and $ 15.99.  The options included chicken, fish, beef and vegetarian choices.  They also offer a good selection of entrees and salads, the salads priced around the same as the sandwiches and the entrees only very slightly higher.

2017-04-25 13.51.08

The Port of Entry Restaurant has a great theme and features a hidden gem from each land of the park, the theming is good, but not nearly as impressive as Mythos,  but it does offer a well air conditioned comfortable environment.

Great Menu Diversity

Firstly we were served fresh bread as soon as were seated, which we enjoyed whilst making our selections.

2017-04-25 12.55.52

I opted for the Mediterranean Pulled Pork Pitta, I was very impressed.  It was nicely served with a cucumber mint yogurt and couscous, I am not usually a couscous lover, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The Pitta was deliciously hand made and filled full with pork.  This isn’t something I would normally order I usually go for a fish dish, I was extremely happy with my choice.

2017-04-25 13.12.02

My friend opted for the Beef Dip, she also got this last time she visited and said it was that delicious, she couldn’t bring herself to try something new!  It looked very good piled high with beef and a delicious au jus.

2017-04-25 13.11.35

Little Guests

Finally we looked over the kids menu on our way out.  Whilst we can’t comment on the portions or the quality we thought it had pretty good choices including pizza, grilled cheese, pasta or burger, pretty standard kids menu, but surely something that would appeal to all little guests.  At $ 6.99 we also think that was a very fair price, especially if the quality is anywhere near as good as the lunch we enjoyed.

2017-04-25 13.50.56

Top Table Service Restaurants

We have always recommended Mythos to anybody who is wanting to sit down and enjoy the surroundings and have a good meal, however, I think Confisco Grille is just as good.  The food quality is as good and the service is, dare we say it?  Yes, probably better!  Mythos will always win our theming vote though, there is nowhere quite like it.

We highly recommend a sit down lunch, we feel that it breaks the day up and gives you a good hour to relax before venturing back out into the crowds and at these prices it is barely much more than you would pay at any counter service location in any park!

Confisco Grille gets a thumbs up from us and we will definitely be returning soon!