UPDATE: The 2014 Competition is now open!

Same Rules, same ideas, different prizes, all you need to do is think of something better to Mail to Ripley’s than last year’s winner: A McDonalds Meal taped to a paper plate!
Read this blog post, then get posting!  Entry form is here.

Ripley’s Ready Set Mail Competition has started, but there’s plenty of time to enter!

All you need to do is find a fun item, stick a stamp on it, address it to Ripley’s (below) and see what happens after you’ve filled out the online application form!
Each week Ripley’s Edward Meyer will draw out a prize winner, but the overall winner will be announced on September the 6th to receive a HUGE prize!
(A fantastic sculpture made out of erm: junk car parts! Wow, your kids will be so happy!)

Remember, the emphasis of Ripley’s is all about fun, curiosity and most of all, the unusual!

Our advice on how to win:

You’ve really got to think outside the box to win this crazy competition!
First of all, we would advise checking out the Ripley’s site thoroughly.  The clues to what kinds of things make the Ripley’s team tick are all there.  They of course decide who wins, so get to know the judges kind of!
Don’t package anything and think about how funny something will look when it lands on the desk of the judge!
What would make you laugh or call the colleagues in from around the office?
You want to create a “Hey!  Look at what just arrived guys!” moment.
It’s over to you now (and the poor postal service workers!

The rules are simple:
Send an item of your choice to:

Edward Meyer
7576 Kingspointe Pkwy, #188
Orlando, FL 32819

As you’d expect from Ripley’s, the rules are a little bit ‘odd’:

  1. The item must not be packaged in any way
  2. The item must have a stamp and address on it
  3. You may enter as many times as you like
  4. The Competition closes on the 5th September 2014
  5. You need to complete the entry form and provide proof of the item sent

Once you’ve popped your item in the post, simply let the postal service do the rest!

What do you win?  All sorts of different prizes are on offer (check the official entry form!