goofy At the  Jammin Jungle Parade


If 2014 could be defined as anything, it could be a year of the Disney Parades!
Although the Magic Kingdom has had to do without a 3 o’clock parade on many occasions before, it seemed to be almost an unprecedented event when the Celebrate A Dream Come True parade bit the dust in the Magic Kingdom just a few days after New Year in 2014.

Guests arriving over the winter had better brace themselves as the streets of MK are filled with nothing more than puzzlement as guests enjoy an unexpectedly silent sidewalk each afternoon.  Disney’s Festival of Fantasy will soon fix that in the middle of March we guess.  Bigger, better, more technical and way more fun, the huge new parade looks set to raise the bar even further.

But next up for ‘Mickey’s machete’ is the Jammin Jungle Parade at Animal Kingdom.
12 years of street safari track celebrations look set to come to a silent end on May 31st 2014 and Disney haven’t got a replacement lined up.

The main cause of this big event appears to be the development of the Avatar based area ‘Pandora’ and an almost certain inclusion of a nigh-time viewing area for a Tree of Life based light show.  Disney have been longing for a method to retain guests for longer in this park and this non-pyro display is just the animal friendly solution they need.  To pull that off though, the rather narrow walkways and parade viewing areas of AK must suffer a big rethink.

While losing anything from the parks is always a sad outcome, we’ve got every faith in Disney that the outcome overall will be much, much better.  I will miss Minnie and Mickey in their safari outfits, but I certainly won’t miss being practically held captive throughout the parade in hopelessly designed viewing areas and walkways.  Too narrow for floats, Animal Kingdom just never seemed to be able to cope with a ‘full on’ parade.
It was however a more intimate experience for parade lovers.  We always feel part of the show at AK, simply because of those restricted and narrow walkways and the ability to rub shoulders with the characters.
One unexpected consequence of the impending closure of Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade will no doubt be a lot more park hopping to visit the Magic Kingdom at 3pm.

Interesting times are ahead at Walt Disney World but for now, let’s look at some features that will soon be gone forever!

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