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Disney’s new Glow with the Show magic ears can be found at last in Walt Disney World but reviews are varied as the momentum to purchase these hi-tech mouse ears seems lower than many, including ourselves have expected.

Many of the criticisms appear to be directed towards the ears actually ‘spoiling’ the show for guests behind as they crane their necks to see past the flickering LED discs perched upon the person’s head in front.  The distraction affect appears to be worse in the regular park viewing areas such as the Central Plaza area beneath Cinderella Castle, but guests in the tiered seating at Fantasmic have commented that the ‘ears’ can spoil the view.

The latest observer to write about the frustrations, is no other than Dewayne Bevil, the Orlando Sentinel’s Theme Park columnist.  In his latest article, he explains that a guest directly asked him to remove them as they were spoiling their enjoyment and photographs of the guest and his family stood behind.

Dewayne explains that the problem is; just not enough hats are on Disney guest’s heads to get the idea across that this new gizmo is actually part of the show!  Something that Disney will need to reflect upon if they want their evening guests to dig into their wallets for their family fun at $25 a go!