Made With Magic LogoGlow With The Show first hit Walt Disney World’s Fantasmic in October 2013 and we excitedly predicted that it was going to be a huge success!
On that particular occasion, we were slightly off target, mainly thanks to our own excitability about this LED wonder!

What is/was Glow With The Show?

Simply put, Glow With The Show Mickey ears lit up to match the music and colours of major show events inside WDW.  Fantasmic, The Osborne Christmas Lights, Celebrate The Magic, and the Wishes Firework Display all enable the audience to become a part of the show.  The Mickey ears flickered, changed colours and formed a sea of light as the shows played out beautifully.

What more could you ask for, it sounds brilliant?

The thing with ‘Glow With The Show, was that at $25 per pair of Mickey Ears, this was an expensive ‘add-on’ for families visiting Walt Disney World.  Worst of all, the wearer did not get any return from their investment!
Perched atop of their heads, they were effectively paying a premium to entertain others.
In essence, this stunning concept had a fundamental marketability issue that had to be overcome!

‘Made With Magic’ came to the rescue – From November 25th 2014

Made With Magic MerchandizeWith only a small ratio of guests taking up the $25 ears, the effect seemed lost in the crowd, with a few twinkling hats instead of that beautiful bulk effect that we see in the Disney promotional videos.
From November, we think that guests will see a lot more of the effects of the lighting effects during the main night time events thanks to a new range of ‘Glow With The Show‘ ‘Made With Magic’ merchandize.
A new Minnie Mouse ‘bow’ headpiece will complement the existing Mickey Ears, but a ridiculously cute ‘Mickey Glove’ will appeal to guests of all ages.
Interestingly a new Mickey Wand is also available, perfect for younger guests too.
The new products are expected around late November, and offer the buyer a much better deal, as they can experience the effects of their purchases this time!

The coolest trick comes from the Sorcerer Mickey Wands!
Whenever there’s not a Made With Magic show performing, the little Paint Pallet button lets you select a ‘light pattern’ of your choice.
Once you’ve done that, the real magic begins when you press the little ‘wand’ button, to make all other ‘Made With Magic’ products in the close vicinity match your light effect!

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