One of the hidden consequences of owning a secondary home in Florida, is that at some point, you might want to make it your permanent residence.
If you are a USA Citizen or Resident, that’s no problem at all.
For Foreign Nationals, it’s a much bigger challenge.

With the right approach, and an experienced and competent immigration attorney, it might still be possible to live in the USA.

There are three main ways to reside in the USA, and all three provide a very different degree of permanence.
The application procedures vary vastly too!

The Three Main Statuses for Living Legally in the USA

  • On a Valid Entry Visa
  • Green Card
  • Citizenship

Before You Dream of Living in Orlando – Check this List!

Before you set out on a huge adventure, we strongly urge you to consider the following questions.
Try and avoid thinking of the ‘dreamy’ stuff, but try to focus on the real life challenges that you face back home.
Living on sunshine is fun, but in itself, it’s not enough to keep everyone fed, sheltered and in work!

  • Do you really NEED to live in Florida?
  • Do you have a substantial sum for legal expenses ($50k upwards for a family of 4)
  • Can you sustain your family in business/employment in Central Florida?
  • Does your whole family want to come?
  • What and who will you leave behind?
  • Can you sell your current home?
  • Are the currency markets in your favor?
  • Have you been in Florida other than on vacation?
  • Are your kids organized, hard working stars at school?
  • Find a selection of the best Orlando visa attorney options and have a conference call.  (Note – each attorney will charge around $250 for the initial consultation, but please consider that talking to two or three attorneys is well worth the money, to find the right immigration service for your family.

The Main Visa Types For Families (Not a complete list)

Visas are essentially temporary documents that offer entry across USA borders.
The emphasis, is that they are indeed temporary.
Before they expire, renewals must be processed as needed.
There’s no guarantee that a renewal will be made, and there’s no guarantee that a particular type of visa will always be around.

  • Business Visas – Enable you to set up a new business here in Orlando
  • Intra-company Transfer – Your current employer sends you to work in the USA
  • Employment Visa – For specific skills not readily available
  • Student Visas – allow temporary entry for education

Green Card – Permanent Residence Status

A Green Card is the only viable long term solution for permanent residency.
It allows unhindered passage to and from the USA on a permanent basis.
It does not need renewal.
A green card is provided as a privilege, not a right and under certain extreme circumstances, it can be revoked.
Not all Visa programs are eligible for a ‘change of status’ to a Green Card.
Business Visa holders are for example, not eligible.

The USA Citizenship Process

A change of status from Permanent Residency (Green Card) to Citizenship, can potentially be processed by green card holders.

How easy is it to get a Visa or a Green Card?

It is probably harder than ever to obtain a non immigrant (temporary) visa, or a green card (permanent resident status).
The political climate certainly has an affect upon the approvals and processing times.

Some visas such as intra-company transfers are an example of a tightened process.
These L1 Visas, were quite achievable, if an employer wanted to transfer you to its USA base.
More lately, the process is much more rigorous than ever, with a much debated increase in rejections.
They are still achievable, however, particularly if its a large business, with well established operations in the overseas and USA locations.

Business visas are often used to get a base in the USA, families can come if the new business meets the requirements.
A substantial investment sum is required, say $75,000 in order to get an E2 business visa.
The problem with that, is that the visa is a non immigrant visa, meaning constant renewals from your native country’s embassy.
A business visa does not cover your adult children once they reach 21 years of age.  (Aging out)
Always be mindful that a business visa has limitations that you must prepare for.

Employment visas are often the most challenging to achieve and can take a year to process.  The requirement is a very high bar.  Your employer must satisfy the authorities that you can do the job, they can pay the market rate salary, and that no other US Citizen can do your intended role.
It takes some stamina and a lot of talent to secure a work visa, but the reward for highly skilled professional people, is that cherished green card.
In reality, if you are the type of person that works hard, networks and possess niche skills, the daunting employment visa might actually be your best possible opportunity for permanent residence in the USA.

Investment Visa (EB-5) is the golden ticket to a green card.
This ‘red carpet’ into the USA comes at a hefty outlay.  You will need $500k plus fees as a minimum.
You basically invest ‘at risk’ and kiss your money goodbye for a period of time.
Generally these investments are made ‘at arms length’ leaving you with no control over your invested cash.
In time, you will receive a green card once you satisfy the criteria of the EB-5 program.
Note that you should get your $500k back, but this is an ‘at risk investment’ and there’s no guarantee.
if you do lose the funds, but satisfy the investment criteria, you still qualify for the green card.
For wealthy overseas citizens, the EB-5 is without doubt the fastest and most secure way to obtain permanent status, but at a high cost and potential risk of losing the money.
Many tried and trusted EB-5 investment programs operate in the USA and we would highly recommend taking lots of advice and carrying out plenty of research in advance, with the help of a trusted immigration attorney that specializes in the EB-5 program.

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